Saturday, January 15, 2011

/ck/–Greentext Cooking Derp Stories

Di 4chan selain /b/ juga ada /ck/ alias Cooking and Food board. Baru baru ini gw nemu thread yang bagus. Lebih baik gw save sebelum 404.

Making Cookies

  • making cookies
  • unwrap new stick of butter
  • throw away butter put wrapper in bowl
  • mfw



Cutting Onions

  • cutting onions
  • watching dexter at the same time
  • look away from onions
  • cut myself twice before i look down and notice my fingers are not onions


Room Temperature Egg

  • Recipe calls for room temperature eggs
  • Herp derp, I'll put the eggs in my sweatshirt front pocket to warm them up faster
  • Now I'll take a nap until my eggs are ready
  • Belly flop onto bed
  • ;_;


Tea on Microwave

  • Groggy at 3am, sip tea from metal thermos
  • Tea has gotten cold
  • Decide to nuke it
  • Throw in microwave, turn it on, walk away
  • Eight seconds later, "what's that noise?"


Ash Trash

  • wake up hungover and thirsty
  • tasty coke next to my bed
  • forgot i used it to ash a couple cigarettes
  • tastes bad man


Ice and Fat

  • cup of fat set aside to make bbq sauce
  • open freezer to get ice for rum and coke
  • put ice into hot fat
  • mfw


Dan yang terakhir…

Pie Incident

  • Spend hours preparing ingredients for needlessly complicated pie
  • All of this is on video tape "for the family"
  • Mixture is dumped into pie crust
  • Carefully carried to oven and placed inside
  • No spills? Awesome
  • Go to slide oven shelf in and close the door
  • Shove shelf too hard
  • Pie slides, tips, and spills everything into pre-heated oven
  • Mixture carbonizes immediately
  • Smoke everywhere
  • Building evacuated
  • Father still recording everything
  • Family won't let me forget "The Pie Incident"
  • MFW



Greentext Cooking Derp Stories /ck/ on 4chan (maybe 404’d)

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