Monday, February 10, 2014

International Users, Here’s How You Shop On Windows Store Without Credit Card

Every damn store, either its’ Apple’s, Google’s or Microsoft wants you to register a “qualifying” debit or credit card to their payment setting. I don’t have a credit cards. What do?

Sad no more. Now, I (and you too!) can buy anything I want on Windows Store, with a simple Microsoft Windows Gift Card on Amazon. Yes, even when you’re NOT LOCATED in big ole U.S. of A.

Here’s how.

Depend on your current situation, you may need a Virtual Credit Cards or VCC. I have a debit card with Verfied by Visa, Amazon won’t accept them, so I need a VCC. There’s several VCC provider you can choose, Neteller or Entropay is one of them. Personally I used Entropay since it accept lower denomination. You can top-up your card with only $5, while Neteller force you a minimum $20.

Do register at Entropay here. Load your card with a mere $5.


Then go to Amazon page of Microsoft Windows Gift Card here. Buy it with your VCC.


After finishing your purchase, go and click “View Code”. You’ll be presented with 25 digit product key-like serial.


Go to Windows Store, right click anywhere or swipe from top to reveal menu, then tap/choose “You Account”.

Put the “Product Key” to Redeem Code section, and tap/click Redeem.

Screenshot (119)


Now you can buy game, music, or movies on Windows Store!

Be advised, this Windows Store Gift Card is only good for purchasing apps. Restriction may apply when purchasing movies or music. This Gift Card were not applicable for in-app purchasing or microtransation.

Always Top-Up and empty your VCC in every transaction. If your cards limited by VCC provider, you may be asked for  copy of national ID, bank statement page 1, and latest, and if any, utility bills. I got limited after first purchase, I sent my scanned national ID, and bank statement. The restriction is removed within 24 hours. Basically same thing you would do when your paypal got limited.

By the way, the VCC that you create on Entropay are valid too for Google Play purchase.

Now excuse me, should play Pacman Championship DX+. Got it with 50% off…

Screenshot (116)

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